In addition to his work as an artist, R.L. Tillman is a researcher and curator.

He was co-founder and editor of PRINTERESTING.ORG, which from 2008 to 2015 was "the thinking person's favorite resource for interesting print miscellany." Along with his co-editors he curated several successful shows, including One Every Day in New York City, Past Present in St. Louis, COPY JAM! in Philadelphia, COPY JAM! 2 in Chicago, 4x4 in Allentown, Rum Riot Press in Portland, Maine, Ephemeral Sprawl at the Print Center in Philadelphia. Printeresting also guest-edited a digitally-themed issue of The California Printmaker, which is the journal of the California Printmakers Society. In 2011 Printeresting received the Creative Capital/Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant. You can read a 2012 interview with the editors of Printeresting at the Art21 Blog. Printeresting's most recent project, Ghost, can be seen online and ordered in print.

He has also curated several independent exhibitions on his own, including Four Freedoms at Muhlenberg College. For two years he was the Founding Curator of the MINSTALLATION GALLERY at the Creative Alliance in Baltimore, Maryland. This gallery was dedicated exclusively to miniature installations that transformed its tiny confines: "225 square inches of floor space and generous 14 inch ceilings." Documentation of each exhibition can be found on the MINSTALLATION GALLERY BLOG. The Minstallation Gallery was named "Best Little Show" by the Baltimore City Paper in 2008.