A selection of prints, ephemera, and interventions. For even more work, visit my Flickr page.

<i>Goya Swipe No. 1</i>

Goya Swipe No. 1

<i>Glory Days</i>

Glory Days

<i>Meet & Greet</i>

Meet & Greet

<i>Paperless Office</i>

Paperless Office

<i>Signs of Home</i>

Signs of Home

<i>These Colors Don't Run</i>

These Colors Don't Run

<i>Sequence Sequel</i>

Sequence Sequel

<i>G.R.I.P. Graffiti Removal Improvement Project</i>

G.R.I.P. Graffiti Removal Improvement Project

<i>Tillman's Image Clearinghouse</i>

Tillman's Image Clearinghouse