Andy Did You Hear About This One?

These abstractions are digitally manipulated photographs of Andy Warhol. Adobe Photoshop’s "content-aware fill" feature is largely responsible for the curious ”aesthetic" of these images, which holds an odd connection to traditional print language (despite being created in a digital workspace by an algorithm, the lines resemble fingerprints, or magnified images of wood engravings). The images themselves are engaging to me because in their beautiful, anodyne abstraction there are moments of real resonance: they resemble ocean waves, mountain ranges, etc. Turning over the composition of the images to a computer was a conscious choice, as was sourcing the portraits from the Internet with little attention paid to the authority of the images. These choices dissociated the work from my own voice as an artist, and allowed me to interrogate a cool, detached model of making art that is largely foreign to me, but widely prevalent (a model of which Warhol is a progenitor). Warhol didn't live to see Adobe Photoshop, but just imagine if he had.

The title of the portfolio references an R.E.M. lyric which is about a different Andy altogether. But Andys Kaufman and Warhol both embodied the same trickster spirit, so I borrowed the phrase anyway.