These golfing pants, or a similar pair, were once seen covering the hide of a President's golfing companion. Hung from a flag pole, they present a signal of dire distress, a lament for a country allowed to fall free, a living thing destroyed in an undignified way.  Installed at STNDRD in St. Louis, MO.

"Union Down"
No disrespect should be shown.
(a) A signal of dire distress.
(b) Never touch anything beneath.
(c) Always aloft.
(d) Allowed to fall free.
(e) Damaged in any way.
(f) A covering.
(g) A picture.
(h) A receptacle.
(i) Handkerchiefs and the like, paper napkins or boxes or anything.
(j) A living thing. 
(k) Destroyed in a dignified way.